What works and why? Achieving better outcomes at the Drug Court of NSW

Senior Judge Roger Dive

Drug Courts of NSW

P.O. Box 92 Parramatta  NSW  2124


The Drug Court of NSW has reached maturity – 18 years of age.  In that time the Court has expanded to three locations, and maintains 250 participants at any one time.  Judge Dive has been the Senior Judge for 12 of those years.

What have we learnt in those years?  Judge Dive will reflect on the key lessons learnt by the judges and program partners across those years.

The NSW Bureau of Crimes Statistics and Research studied the benefit of “Intensive Judicial Supervision at the Drug Court – how has the Court responded to that research, and what are the results?

The pattern of drug use has also changed across those years, and there is now a sustained increase in the use of “ice”.  Flexibility has been required from the court, with changes to policies and practices to meet a constantly changing treatment environment.

Some insights will also be provided as to what goes on behind the scenes to maintain the program.


Judge Roger Dive has been a Judge of the District Court of NSW, and the Senior Judge of the Drug Court, since July 2004.  Before those appointments Judge Dive had been a Local Court Magistrate since 1989, sitting in both city and country courts.

He held the roles of Senior Civil Magistrate and Senior Children’s Magistrate during 15 years on that bench.  In the Children’s Court, Judge Dive sat in the Care and Criminal jurisdictions, taking a particular interest in the chronic issues of the far West of this State.

Judge Dive was awarded the 2011 Prime Minister’s Award for outstanding contribution to Drug and Alcohol endeavours.



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