Who Can Make the Regime in the Arctic Region? Game Theory Analysis on the EU-China Leadership Battle of International Regime Making in the Arctic between EU’s Liberalism or China’s Regional Multilateralism?

Mr Jiangtian Xu1

1University Of East Anglia, Norwich, United Kingdom

The ultimate ambition of the project is to explore whether EU can be the new international regime maker by initiating the liberalism through its effort to negotiate, contract as well as sustainably adjust the agreements with third countries based on the externalization of Normative Power Europe. Or China will play a more important role to make the regimes in the Arctic region by using its Regional Multilateralism under the One Belt One Road Grand National Strategy to deal with EU’s liberalism. Can the EU’s liberalism or China’s regional multilateralism be winning the battle of regime making?

The research will be conducted by the case study on the regime making of natural resource governance in the Arctic region

Game Theory analysis will be used as the method to explore whether EU or China can make a new model of international regimes in the Arctic region The exploratory study of my research approached by Game Theory analysis can contribute a new dimension to both academic discussions as well as practical operations of international politics. The research finds out that EU and China all have potentials of being the new international regime maker with the ideologies of liberalism or regional multilateralism.


I was one of the four UACES Scholar 2017 granted by the University Association of Contemporary European Studies in London.

I got the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Travel Grant for 2019 Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW),

Development of the UK-Russia Arctic Research and Collaboration Network Arctic Research Conference Grant, Scott Polar Institute, Cambridge University, 2017

I also got grants from Yale University, United Nations University, DAAD of Germany, Sasakawa and Santander Award, etc. Under these grants, I was visiting researcher at National University of Singapore, Tokyo Institute of Technology and Tohoku University in Japan respectively in 2017 and 2018.

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